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The luncheon was a great success thanks to your fantastic cooking. The fantastic Arabian cuisine was a different taste than what we usually had but it was definitely delicious.

It was our first time using your service but we’ll definitely be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again for a job well done.

Abdul Razak, IkimFM, Malaysia

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the excellent services on my wedding day. You did an excellent job accommodating all of us and everyone kept telling me they had a great time.

Faizal & Fairus, Putra Heights, Selangor

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Corporate Functions

Food is a universal language that can bring people together. Good food provides people with a joyous feeling and leaves a good impression – two things that you want in corporate functions. At Al Habib Catering, we understand how important a corporate function is for a business. We can help you turn your important function into a great success with our unusual but tasty and unforgettable dishes.

Whether it is a meeting, presentation or gathering, trust Al Habib Catering to create a warm and intimate atmosphere that will impress your clients or business partners and ultimately, help you seal that crucial deal!


One Sit Down Dome Serving Dinner Package

Price start from RM65 per pax


  1. Roz Kabsa Lahem (Kabsa Rice with beef)
  2. Tajin Maghribi (Lamb mixed with coriander leaf, carrot, potato and fried spring onion)
  3. Dajjaj Mashwi (Arabian chicken roasted)
  4. Hudar Mishakil (Mixed fresh vegetables in spicy sauce)
  5. Arabian Garden Salad (Green salad with black olive and olive oil)
  6. Harrah Arabia (Arabian spicy fresh chili sauce with coriander leaf)
  7. Arabian White Sauce
  8. Khobz (Lebanese bread)
  9. Mixed Cut Fruit


  1. Hot Zhourat (Arabian flower tea)
  2. Cold Karkadeh


  1. Mixed Baklawa & Basbousa (Arabian sweet dessert)

Type of Services

  1. Table Service
  2. Dome Service
  3. Transportation


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