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Thank you for the lovely dinner you served at my family reunion, it was the best we ever had. Arabian food has always been my family’s favorite and I’m glad I can find a caterer that provides an authentic taste. The Samra musician and dancers were also very entertaining. Everyone, even my great aunts and grandfathers, joined in for a dance and had the time of their life. I send you some photos so you can see for yourself how much fun we had!

Isa Samad, Kuala Lumpur

Everything was perfect. The food and service was outstanding and it was a pleasure working with you.

Thanks for everything!

Albert Wong

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Whatever your special occasion, we can help you create a truly unique and memorable event. Our menu and packages are also available for customizing to suit your ceremony and budget. Please contact us for inquiries.

Extra Menu

1. Kibbeh Maklieh (Beef and cracked wheat stuffed with mince meat, and nuts)
2. Falafel (Mixture of dried beans and spice deep fried)
3. Houmous (Mashed chick peas with tahina, olive oil and lemon juice)
4. Baba Ghanouj (Baked aubergine and mashed with tahina, olive oil and spices)
5. Foul Medames (mashed broad beans mixed with spices and olive oil)
6. Mahshi Cromb (Cabbage leave stuffed with mixed rice, minced meat and spices)
7. Mahshi Batinjaan (Eggplant stuffed with rice, minced meat, coriander leaf and spices)
8. Makhallal (Traditional Arabian pickles)
9. Zaytoun (Black/Green olives)


Baklawa (Arabian sweet dessert)
Baklawa (Arabian sweet dessert)

Honey Sweet
Honey Sweet

Date Delight
Date Delight

Middle Eastern Sweet
Middle Eastern Sweet

  • Basbousa (Arabian sweet dessert)
  • Ma’amoul (Arabic cookies)

Hot Drinks

  1. Qahwa (Arabian coffee)
  2. Shai Arabi (Arabian mint tea)
  3. Zhourat (Arabian flower tea)


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