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Thank you for making our wedding the most spectacular day of our lives. From the food to the table decoration to the entertainment, everything was perfectly executed. We really loved the fantastic Arabian cuisine you served; it was really unique and had a different taste. We especially enjoyed the Kharouf Mashwi, don’t ever change the recipe for that!

Nurul 'Ain Dato` Salleh - PJ, Kuala Lumpur

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the excellent services on my wedding day. You did an excellent job accommodating all of us and everyone kept telling me they had a great time.

Faizal & Fairus, Putra Heights, Selangor

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Arabian Whole Lamb Mandi Package

Arabian Whole Lamb Mandi Package

Price: RM1,400.00 per set

  • Kharouf Mashwi (Arabian whole lamb roasted)
  • Roz Mandi (Mandi Rice)
  • Hudar Mishakil (Mixed fresh vegetables in spicy sauce)
  • Arabian Garden Salad (Green salad with black olive and olive oil)
  • Batatis Mashwi (Arabian Baked Potato)
  • Harrah Arabia (Arabian spicy fresh chili sauce with coriander leaf)
  • Arabian White Sauce
  • Khobz (Lebanese bread)


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