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Al Habib Catering

Started as a small business by two loving parents with a passion for good food, today Al Habib Catering is a Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan-based full service catering firm with a commitment to provide our clients with exceptional cuisine and first-class service.

We offer a rich selection of innovative and delicious dishes. Our specialty is traditional Arabian food, home cooked using only the finest, freshest ingredients possible. The Middle East food that really colorful and have different taste than other food. It is really delicious and gives your tongue a new sensation. All our dishes are prepared by Moslems and therefore, Halal.


Chef Salah Habib has amazing experience in children’s Aqiqah and so that his friends encourage him to share it via Al Habib Catering. He is really careful on choosing the ingredients. He want to make sure that the taste has no different with the original one. Food appearance is also our concern. We want to make it looks fantastic, especially for catering and exclusive events.

Nowadays, there are so many foods, but it tastes same. That’s why we come here. Al Habib Catering is the only catering business that focused on the Arabian cuisine in Malaysia. So when it comes to Arabian cuisine, just call Al Habib Catering.


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How Our Catering Business Started?
by Puan Fauziah.

Turn your special day into an extra special one with our unforgettable meal. We cater for kenduris, aqiqahs, intimate gatherings, reunions and office functions. We deliver the food ready to serve at all Klang Valley and Selangor Areas. Our dishes are guaranteed for their freshness and taste as they reach your doorstep. We can also provide professional waiter services to make sure your events run smoothly.

It is our pleasure
to serve you.